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Explore an innovative online service that connects you with the empowering wisdom of Tarot cards. Tarotree offers you daily insights, personalized guidance, and a platform for documenting and sharing your Tarot journey with others. Focus on personal growth, self-awareness, and connections with fellow Tarot enthusiasts.

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How it works

We are continously improving Tarotree and adding new features.
Here is a short demo video of the current version.

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We are dedicated to creating a user-friendly and inspiring space where Tarot enthusiasts can explore their passion, reflect on their personal experiences, and share their insights with others.

Our mission: Enhance your personal journey with the intuitive guidance of Tarot

At Tarotree, we appreciate the tradition of Tarot as a means for promoting self-reflection, personal development, and understanding. Our innovative platform fuses daily draws and interpretations with AI technology, empowering you to conveniently explore your Tarot cards.

When you maintain a Tarot journal on our website, you can monitor your personal progress, exchange ideas, and even create captivating visuals for sharing on social media platforms. Tarotree's user-friendly design guarantees a smooth and engaging experience, making it suitable for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts.

Delve into the world of Tarot with Tarotree, and unlock the valuable insights that await you within the cards.

Discover personal growth through Tarot, one card at a time

Tarotree reimagines Tarot readings by offering a customized, accessible, and interactive platform for engaging with your cards. Our system provides insight into your daily card and can generate comprehensive reports based on your weekly, monthly, or yearly readings, assisting you in identifying patterns and themes in your life.

Our platform allows you to connect with fellow Tarot enthusiasts through blogs, forums, and social media, building a community of individuals passionate about their Tarot journey. Together, you can learn, share, and grow using the inspirational guidance of Tarot.

Unlock the potential of Tarot with Tarotree and enhance your daily mindset and self-awareness!

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We support multiple messenger platforms

To provide a seamless experience, Tarotree supports integration with various messenger platforms, depending on your personal preferences. Currently, we support Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Discord with plans to expand our list of compatible platforms in the future. If you prefer to use a different messenger service, kindly let us know and we will strive to accommodate your request.

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We learn, we make progress, and we share our experiences.

Web App and Daily Draw

Tarotree now has a web app. We are also introducing a new feature, Daily Draw, to help you create your tarot journal with ease.

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Demo bot is Available

The demo bot of our product is available. Currently, we are inviting people for testing and feedback. Join the waiting list to try it out!

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Startups in GPT Era

In this article, we will discuss how LLMs can change the way we live and what risks and opportunities they bring to startups.

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