Web App and Daily Draw

Are you fascinated by the wisdom of tarot cards and eager to maintain your tarot journal with ease? Look no further! Our innovative Tarotree app harnesses the power of AI to provide you with meaningful tarot readings on a daily basis.

We are excited to announce the addition of new features to enhance your Tarotree experience:

  1. Web Application: Access your Tarotree account on the go! View your complete history of tarot readings and journal entries anytime and anywhere through our user-friendly web app. Simply log in via Telegram and stay connected with your tarot journey.

  2. Daily Draw: Start your day with insights from the mystical tarot world. Tarotree’s Daily Draw allows you to draw a card each morning using our chatbot, providing you with intriguing predictions to ponder throughout the day.

  3. Tarot Journal: Reflect on your day with Tarotree by your side. Share your thoughts, experiences, and lessons each night, and let Tarotree automatically craft a personalized tarot journal entry to help you effortlessly maintain your journaling habit.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the tarot cards with the help of our intelligent AI companion? We invite you to join our waiting list for the opportunity to test and provide feedback on these exciting new features.

Step into the world of Tarotree and become a part of our community as we push the boundaries of AI-powered tarot readings and self-discovery. Sign up now to experience the future of tarot and personal growth!

Note: It is important to mention that Tarotree does not replace professional consultation and is meant to serve as a fun and insightful tool for personal growth and reflection.

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